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In-home Services 

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Program Set-up 

Our Program set-up services consist of assessment, goal planning, and training activities that will get you ready for your in-home ABA program. Our standard assessment and goal planning package consists of the following:

·          An initial meeting to discuss your child's needs and plan appropriate assessment activities

·          2 onsite assessment sessions (at your home or a community setting)

·          Goal development

·          An assessment review meeting

·          A mini ABA training workshop for your team


Intervention Services

Intervention services begin once the program setup activities have been completed. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will be assigned to your team to meet with you and conduct the initial assessment  activities. As the assessment is completed 1 or more behavior technicians will be added to the team. The behavior technicians will provide most of the 1:1 services to your child, under the close direction of the BCBA. For a 10 hour a week program your BCBA will spend 1-2 hours a week with your child and the behavior technicians making sure that the programs are running. Your BCBA will also want to meet with you regularly for training and problem solving. Sessions are typically conducted in your home or in a community setting.


Parental Involvement

As parents you are essential members of your in-home treatment team. To reach their potential,  children need consistent behavior management and teaching strategies across their day, not just during ABA sessions. Inconsistencies can confuse children and lead to unnecessary behavior challenges. We expect you to participate in team meetings and work with our consultants during regular parent training sessions so that you can help your child to make the most progress and get the most out of the services we provide.


Service Options 


At this time we are only accepting clients with insurance coverage for ABA or service paid via the school system.  If you have full ABA benefits on your insurance plan please contact us for more information.